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Questions and Answers about India

Questions & Answers
The rampant nepotism and corruption in the Indian internet industry was one of the reasons this website was developed. If the webmaster tried to post on other Indian forums, the questions were deleted or the account was suspended. This website is a way to highlighted the problems of ordinary webmasters who are not well connected in India, the real issues faced, which people try to sweep under the carpet.

This webmaster has been subjected to a very malicious slander campaign, with the dishonest powerful people in the Indian internet industry falsely claiming that this website (along with other websites owned by the webmaster) are in fact owned by their glamorous young relatives and friends, who are in fact not involved in this business in any way or contributing a single penny towards the many expenses involved in running the business. These are extremely ruthless, cruel individuals, with great powers, but no humanity or conscience, as they spread blatantly false rumours denigrating the webmaster and promoting their undeserving friends and relatives.

No one wants to expose these lies, but why should a customer not get his or her money's worth. For example today while installing a forum on Hostgator.in, this same vicious gang, were again upto their dirty tricks of sabotaging the webmasters business, making it difficult to post there. Their one point agenda is causing great financial losses to the webmaster. Hopefully this forum, will help in greater transparency and accountability, making the Indian internet industry a more democratic place, with equal opportunities for all.

Questions and answers without links can be posted for free on the forum. These should be on legal, family friendly topics. However a nominal fee will be charged for promotional posts with links. Complete details of the promotional post content with links have to be provided by the advertiser.

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Questions & Answers

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